GMaudio Clipper 2.1 (NEW)

Robert K//Groov Mekanik
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GMaudio Clipper is the most advanced and effective clipping tool for Ableton Live. Designed with precision and clarity in mind, this Max for Live device lets you truncate unwanted parts of your signal without introducing unwanted distortion, so you can achieve unparalleled control over the dynamics of your sounds, with ease.

Previously, its symmetric wave-shaping algorithm featured a fixed 4dB knee, minimizing the risk of aliasing while delivering a sound quality praised by nearly 4000 satisfied users.

Recently, Version 2 introduced 5x Linear-Phase Delta Oversampling allowing for the most transparent clipping possible, making it the first Max For Live Device of its kind. Now, Version 2.1 Introduces an adjustable knee and numerous customer feature requests, demonstrating commitment to our users.

Dialling in settings is an absolute breeze with the new visual display that clearly shows peak amplitude and gain reduction, Input and Output metering with volume controls, and a Solo button, allowing you to listen to the gain reduction only, so you can fine-tune the amount of clipping with the utmost precision.

  • Clipping Wave-shaper with Adjustable Knee and minimal aliasing
  • Ceiling Control to easily set maximum signal values
  • 5x Linear-Phase Delta Oversampling
  • All custom filters and code designed by GMaudio
  • Input & Output Peak Metering w/ Adjustable Gain
  • Solo the Clipped signal to hear what's being removed
  • Additional Anti-Aliased 0dB Brickwall Clipper
  • Accurate and efficient visual display showing Peak & GR values

Used correctly, GMaudio Clipper can reduce masking, enhance transient details, increase perceived loudness and maximize headroom, allowing you to create professional-quality mixes that stand out from the crowd. Get GMaudio Clipper now and unlock your music's true potential.

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This device works in Live 10.1 or 11, Standard (with Max For Live add-on) or Suite. It requires Max 8.2.2 or above to operate as intended, which can be downloaded for free from Cycling74. If you need to update Max you can follow this article:

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1x Max For Live Audio Effect (.amxd) & 1x User Manual (.pdf)


(124 ratings)
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GMaudio Clipper 2.1 (NEW)

124 ratings
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