GMaudio TransD 2.0 (NEW)

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GMaudio TransD 2.0 (NEW)

Robert K//Groov Mekanik

GMaudio TransD has been completely redesigned for Version 2.0.

Add or remove punch, layer and control sounds, apply dynamic effects and more with this one-of-a-kind transient shaping tool.

A transient can be defined as the start of a new sound and is usually less than 30ms in length. TransD 2.0 allows you to control the mix between these short bursts of sound and the original signal, with negative values attenuating them. The sensitivity control allows you to fine tune how many transients are โ€˜picked upโ€™ by the algorithm and for each transient that is detected, a specialized envelope is generated to control the amplitude of the incoming signal.

This is very different to a compressor which can only react when the amplitude reaches a threshold, with different sounds producing different envelopes that will never reach zero amplitude. 

The result is that you can reshape the dynamics of the signal much more like you would on a synthesizer and nothing like you would with a compressor/limiter. It should be glaringly obvious at first use that this is a unique and useful tool that reaches beyond what is currently possible with Live, or any other transient shaper/designer.

There are 3 main parameters, all of which can be automated and have a wide useable range, controlling many internal parameters. The device is further expanded with Sidechain Input, MIDI Output and an External Envelope. GMaudio TransD 2.0 can effectively control 3 or more sounds at once with one instance, with parameter changes affecting all three sounds. You can also use it in an Audio Effect Rack to apply different processing to different parts of the signal. Check out the User Manual for more information and keep an eye out for upcoming videos.

Further Examples; https://youtu.be/PMvuhGSqJ6g

All audio processing is custom code in gen~ carefully designed to avoid the need for oversampling, with over 100 iterations being tested.

This is a Max For Live Device and therefore requires Ableton Live 10 or 11 Suite, or Standard with the Max For Live add on.

Ableton Live 11 is required for MIDI output.

This device also requires Max 8.2.2 or above to operate as intended. You can update Max for free... Here's how;


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I want this!

'GMaudio TransD 2.0' Audio Effect - MaxForLive Device (.amxd) & User Manual (.pdf)

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