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GMaudio Squeeze (NEW)

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GMaudio Squeeze is a Multi-band Upward Compressor. It's effects can range from normalization and loudness enhancement to complete sonic destruction! Squeeze every last drop from your music now!


  • 6dB dynamic phase crossovers (300hz & 5khz) allowing parallel processing
  • Smoothly blend from single band to multi-band operation
  • Achieve a variety of effects with only 6 parameters
  • Visualization of parameter settings
  • Unique 5 stage release character
  • All parameters can be modulated
  • Info View text and Push ready
  • Low CPU usage

Imagine 'OTT' without the downward compression, mixed with a 'doom compressor', but pushed to the extreme with zero phase shift and GMaudio quality.

The default settings will subtly balance out a signal and improve loudness, but maximum 'Squeeze' and 'Mix' with minimum 'Time' will turn any signal into a wall of sound, bringing up the tiniest of details.


  • Floor - The level at which processing will take place. Anything above this value will be pushed closer to the ceiling, anything below this level will be unaffected.
  • Squeeze - Adjusts the amount of upward compression, similar to a ratio control on a typical compressor.
  • Ceiling - The level that the affected audio will be normalized to. Lower values combined with adjusting the 'Mix' allows you to tame the processing, making it more useful in a mixing context.
  • Style - Morphs between single band and multi-band operation. Multi-band operation has been tuned for a flat frequency response with slight mid band attenuation, similar to the original OTT.
  • Time - Adjusts the compression window. High values will result in something closer to normalization, low values will result in extreme upward compression, squeezing the sound into a big fat sausage.
  • Mix - Adjusts the balance between the processed and unprocessed signal.

I'm consistently surprised by the amount of uses for this device. GMaudio Squeeze adds juicy upward compression to the line-up of GMaudio dynamics processing devices (such as HiFreqLimiter, PentaComp & Clipper). Expect to see more video examples of this inspiring and unique device for both sound design and mixing, an essential tool for the modern producer.

Also included with Squeeze is 3x Audio Effect Racks for Live 11 Suite users. Here is an article discussing Squeeze in detail, as well as how to use the racks and get the most out of Squeeze.

Device Requirements

GMaudio Squeeze works on both Mac and PC and can be used with either Live 10 or Live 11 Suite or Live 10 or Live 11 Standard with the Max For Live addon.

For GMaudio Squeeze to operate as intended Max 8.2.2 or above must be used. You can download the latest version of Max for free and point Ableton Live to the installed version by following this article:

This device uses a custom external, and as such will not work on Push 3 standalone. It also introduces 8 samples of latency (less than 0.2 ms).


Simply download the .amxd (Max For Live device) and move it to your Max Audio Effect Preset folder within your User Library. The default location for this directory is as follows.


\Users\[username]\Documents\Ableton\User Library\Presets\Audio Effects\Max Audio Effect


Macintosh HD/Users/[username]/Music/Ableton/User Library/Presets/Audio Effects/Max Audio Effect

Placing it here will allow it to show up in Live’s Browser under Max Audio Effects.
Be sure to make use of Live 11’s Collections for a more efficient workflow.

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Happy Music Making! 😈🎶🎛️

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GMaudio Squeeze (NEW)

62 ratings
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