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GMaudio HiFreqLimiter 1.2

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Control sibilance and tame harshness without sacrificing punch or clarity. It works great on anything whether it be for music production, live performance, mastering or post production. With minimal parameters and excellent metering, it's an absolute breeze to use. Don't let unruly high frequencies ruin your mix again, control them easily and transparently with GMaudio HiFreqLimiter.

This device uses a custom external featuring state of the art technology to minimize distortion in dynamics processing, which was developed for the upcoming PentaComp 2.0.

Other features include:

  • 6dB/octave crossover @ 6khz
  • 10dB soft knee w/ 10:1 ratio
  • 2 Samples Latency (for Look-ahead/Attack)
  • Very Fast Release
  • Dual Mono Operation
  • Intuitive Peak Metering
  • Low CPU Usage
  • Push Ready (v1.1)
  • Dry/Wet Control (v1.2)


Simply adjust the threshold until the desired gain reduction is reached. You can also solo the gain reduction so you can hear exactly whats being taken away from the signal. Percussion such as cymbals, hats, claps and snares are a perfect place to use this device, as well as sibilant vocals or gnarly synth sounds. It also works well on groups/buses and master tracks for transparent reduction in harshness or brightness without affecting too much of the overall signal.

Now in Version 1.2 you can use it in parallel with the Dry/Wet parameter and changes will be reflected on the display, allowing you to dial in the amount of processing more easily.

If you like this device, please rate it 5 stars and donate so I can keep making tools to help you make better music faster.

Happy music making! 😁🤘🎶

*This is a Max For Live device which requires Ableton Live 10 or 11 Suite, or Standard with Max For Live add-on, as well as Max 8.2.2. To update your Max installation, follow this article.

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GMaudio HiFreqLimiter 1.2

58 ratings
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