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Fixation Studios - Ableton Live - Preset Pack

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Not sure where to start with EQ or Compression? Looking for an Instrument to kick off your productions?

I have compiled a 'Tried and Tested' Preset Pack for Electronic Music Production in Ableton Live. Use the Audio Effect presets as a starting point for the perfect mix or simply add them to tracks in your project for a quick fix... or use the Instrument Racks to save time designing sounds and get straight into music composition. I will continue to add more presets for Audio Effects, Audio Effect Racks & Instrument Racks as time goes on, so purchase now and get lifetime free updates!

With my students, I will quite often demonstrate how they can make their own Default Presets and use that opportunity to discuss the fundamentals of EQ and Compression. The end result is usually something similar to this and hopefully by using these presets you can develop a deeper understanding of mixing your own productions. Included is a set of Default Presets for EQ Eight, Glue Compressor, Compressor and Saturator, as well as essential Reverb presets for your Return Tracks and some examples of different ways you can use the Compressor Audio Effect (Including Side-chain Compression).

There is a bonus folder containing a Kick Synthesizer Instrument Rack which uses Collision and some Audio Effects to get a nice strong Kick that reacts to Velocity and you can tune to any note using the piano roll. Great for getting a track started without searching for the perfect Kick. Also included is an early version of a Max For Live Device which contains the entire Audio Effect Reference section of the Ableton Live 10 User Manual, so you can explore all the Audio Effects in Ableton Live 10 with confidence (and without people messaging you on Facebook :P)

Newly added (June 2020)
- FS - Snare Synthesizer (Instrument rack using Collision)
- FS - Overdrum Distortion (Parallel distortion Audio Effect Rack for more exciting drums)
- FS - Collide Sample Pack (256 Random drum samples and 2x Drumracks)

To Install these presets; 

1. Extract the zip folder to a safe place (eg; Documents)
2. Use the Ableton Live Browser to add the extracted folder 'Fixation Studios - Ableton Live - Preset Pack' as a Place.
3. To set an effect preset as your default, simply double click one of the presets in Live's Browser to add it to the Track that is in focus, then right click the Device and select 'Save as Default Preset'

Happy Music Making! :D

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Thank you for your understanding and for choosing Fixation Studios // GMaudio.

Last updated Feb 25, 2024

.zip containing; 14x Audio Effect Presets (.adv) 2x Instrument Racks (.adg) 1x Audio Effect Rack (.adg) 1x Sample Pack (256x .aiff & 2x .adg) & 1 Max For Live Device (.amxd)

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Fixation Studios - Ableton Live - Preset Pack

8 ratings
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